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Giving Back to Utah

One of the surgeries funded by the The Mobley MD Foundation is otoplasty (ear pinning). Dr. Mobley will provide otoplasty surgery to low-income school-aged children who are victims of bullying and who otherwise could not afford this operation. Otoplasty is frequently considered a cosmetic operation. However, for many children it can be so much more than just cosmetic. Many studies have shown that children with this condition rate themselves lower in physical appearance, have concentration anxiety, and report significantly more teasing than their peers. This is just one facet of the surgeries The Mobley MD Foundation helps make accessible to Utah families.

Building Confidence

One study found a 91% improvement in quality of life for those children who had undergone otoplasty. The impact of this procedure on someone’s life can be miraculous. Statistics and studies aside, Dr. Mobley can speak personally on this issue. He was born with rather prominent ears and was subjected to teasing throughout his grade-school years. After his freshman year in college, he underwent otoplasty and experienced the wonderful self esteem benefits first-hand. Dr. Mobely\\\’s vision is that The Mobley Foundation for Charitable Surgery will make this positive life-change accessible to children who, until now, simply did not have that option in their lives.

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