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Who should apply?

The Mobley Foundation for Charitable Surgery was founded as an official 501(c)(3) charity (IRS approved&regulated) to combat bullying in school aged children. The Foundation was not created to provide free cosmetic ear surgery per se. The Foundation exists to combat the bullying of school aged children when the bullying is related to having larger than average ears. To qualified candidates The Foundation will provide free/ pro-bono cosmetic ear pinning surgery when the surgery is being performed to reduce bullying. When the surgery is provided pro-bono it should be kept in mind that this does comes at significant cost to The Foundation. While Dr. Mobley performs the surgery for free, there are still high financial costs associated with covering the expense of the operating room (OR) and the anesthesia provider. Of note, Dr. Mobley and his wife run The Foundation and receive NO renumeration for doing so.

Like all IRS-regulated foundations, there is a fiduciary duty to make sure the funds of the foundation help those in greatest need. Patients that may qualify for the foundation will need to provide:
1. Proof of witnessed bullying on the letterhead of the school. This should be from a teacher, counselor, principle or other official school personnel.
2. Verification from the child’s pediatrician, in writing, that the child is healthy and it is safe to have approximately 2 hours of elective general anesthesia
3. Proof of financial hardship. Elements to fulfill this include- combination or individual documentation of- qualifying for free meals at school, Medicaid health card, Recent IRS Tax Return(s)
If you think your child is a good candidate to be considered for The Foundation, please fill out the application form on this page. Upon receipt from our office, you may be requested to also send the following supporting documents:
1. Photos of your child showing the size of the ears
2. The above elements 1-3 so that we may begin an application folder for your child
3. Any other documentation and / or photos that you think helps The Foundation better understand the “big picture”

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